Admissions Representative / US based University / Telemarketing / Phone Sales / Career Counseling

Our Client US based University — is looking to fill 100% remote (work from home) — Remote Admissions Counselor. 

At this point in time the University is expanding operations and is aiming to target prospective students from Europe. As such, the University wanted to hire qualified remote personnel from Russia. 


Admissions Representative / US based University / Telemarketing / Phone Sales / Career Counseling

Position: Admissions Counselor / Sales / Student Recruitment
Main Activity: Call prospective students seeking education at the University level, assist in the enrollment process. Reach weekly recruitment goals.  Candidate must be fully fluent with native English pronunciation.

Participate in the global economy, join AIU a university in the USA with a 20+ year history. Work from home remotely, no travel, commuting, or relocation needed. AIU provides training, prospects/candidates, support from supervisors, a telephone to make calls, a customer management platform and other tools like: automated/mass emails, video chat, etc. Collaborate remotely with staff and facilitate the enrollment of qualified students around the world.

As an admissions representative, prospective students/candidates will be assigned to you thought out the day to be contact by you via telephone. The prospects/candidates are obtained 100% from the university’s web site after completing a contact request form and are distributed in real time. You will speak with many prospects candidates throughout the world and you will learn about their cultures, interests, goals and career plans. You will evaluate and qualify the candidate for admissions and then facilitate the registration/enrollment process. If you would like to be an educational ambassador representing AIU and you meet the following characteristics this may be the career path for you.


  • 3 yrs Customer Service/ Sales and/or Telemarketing experience 

  • Able to work remotely and coordinate with personnel around the world 

  • English Speaker 100% (like native speaker), English Writing 95% 

  • Can achieve a high volume of outbound calls, 70-100/day

  • Must have stable internet connection with minimum 5MB/s download 1MB/s upload speed 

  • Computer/PC running authentic copy of Windows 7 or higher, minimum 4GB Rams and a 2.0Ghz Processor

  • Familiarity with Windows, Outlook and Word


  • Utilize the Prospect Management System adding comments and changing status of each assigned prospect.

  • Call prospective students using established methods.

  • Counsel and advise prospects about AIU academic programs.

  • Develop and maintain relationships with enrolled students.

  • Candidate will have personal sales/recruitment goals.

  • Meet goals for volume of enrollments and various performance metrics within company guidelines.

E comm / D to С / OMNI Channels Lead

Наш клиент, розничная компания, дистрибьютор женской одежды класса premium, объявляет вакансию

E comm / D to С / OMNI Channels Lead

Подчиняясь непосредственно Президенту компании, этот руководитель, управляет командой из Brand Mng, 2 Операторов и 2 Курьеров, обеспечивает эффективную операционную работу интернет магазина марки.

E comm / D to С / OMNI Channels Lead отвечает за:

  • организацию и поддержание эффективного операционного сопровождения бизнеса интернет магазина марки
  • развитие трафика
  • поиск потенциально новой аудитории магазина, развитие новых D to C \ OMNI каналов

Идеальным для позиции является кандидат, удовлетворяющий следующим профессиональным и персональным требованиям:

  • Высшее предпочтительно техническое образование
  • До 40 лет
  • Опыт работы на менеджерских позициях в УСПЕШНЫХ интернет магазинах от 3-х лет (желательно на одном месте)
  • Знания по структуре, обязанностям, системе мотивации, системе оценки эффективности продаж, доставки, документооборота
  • Коммуникабельность, способность и опыт на построение в компании системы работы, отчетности, товародвижения, логистики и согласования процедур между подразделениями компании (магазины, склады, бухгалтерия, логистика, реклама, управление товаром)
  • Способность к общению устно и письменно с материнской компанией на английском и\или итальянском по рекламной компании, визуальным решениям, электронной коммуникацией интернет магазина
  • Понимание принципов построения воронок, лучшие примеры, собственное мнение по способам продвижения торговой марки в соц сетях и интернете
  • Системное структурированное мышление

Мы также понимаем, что по своим персональным качествам, кандидат должeн быть проактивeн, обладать здравым смыслом, понимать и разделять культуру западной компании.

Sales Manager

Our Client leading Spanish cosmetic Co. establishing it’s branch in Russia.

For this launching we are looking for the leader of the Russian team, Sales Manager, reporting directly to the HQ in Madrid (Commercial Director and General Manager) and able to recruit and organize successful work of the commercial team.

Sales Manager / Russia mission is:

Plan and organize the work of a sales team, within an agreed budget. Set sales goals for the team and evaluate the achievements of commercial agents. Based on the commercial strategy established for the country, both in the Pharmacy OTC and drugstore retail as well as cosmetic retail and hairdressing channels, the candidate will have to negotiate and persuade the Managers of those mentioned retail channels for the placement of a display, approximately 180 x 60 x 40 cm, with 20 tester 100ml Premium presentation, which will be delivered free of charge and without obligation. In addition, for all potential customers, the candidate will offer 60 bottles of 50ml in deposit and for active customers will establish special orders with exceptional forms of payment and possibility of returning merchandise. The commercial must also get the exhibitor located in the most commercial position. Likewise, the candidate will have to make periodic visits to pharmacies, drogeries and retail channels, to confirm that the exhibitors are with the largest possible stock of merchandise and offer new special orders. For this, the company will give to the commercial team the necessary training, as well as the technological tools to facilitate their work.

Main functions:

Supervise and support the sales team and ensure that representatives and other sales personnel have a good knowledge of the product, have up-todate sales documentation and have access samples of the products

Define sales objectives that each vendor must achieve individually or in the group. Work with team to track account and sales activities, account visits, current business conditions, trends and competitive information through CRM. Distribute the work by region or type, assigning it to commercial agents or sales personal. Design and present sales strategies and reports so that they can be analyzed by the company’s management. Attend conferences on behalf of the company and supervise the sales staff at the company’s stands at fairs and exhibitions. Develop budgets and process orders. Works with the management team to maintain consistent sales support materials. Resolve customer issues by investigating problems; developing solutions; and working with the management. Maintain good relations with customers

The idial candidate we are seeking will have the following qualifications:

  • Sales knowledge of pharmaceutical OTC retail / drugstore chains / cosmetic retail

  • Demonstrated experience defining the structure of a sales organization and leading the team to achieve results.

  • Experience with systems that support tracking sales data and CRM required.

  • Travel up to 50%

  • Excellent sales and negotiation skills

  • Good business sense

  • The ability to motivate and lead a team

  • Initiative and enthusiasm

  • Excellent communication and ‘people skills’

  • Proven analytic skills with market analysis and market intelligence

  • Good planning and organizational skills

  • Good IT, budget and report writing skills

  • Administrative skills to handle sales reports, queries, orders and guarantees.

  • Self drived, strong decission maker, flaxible, able to provide right feedback to management team and pears.

  • Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited institution / Master’s Degree or Masters of Business Administration or specific training in sales and team management or

  • Languages: Fluent in English or Spanish

Руководитель проектов продажи зарубежной недвижимости

Наш клиент, греческо – кипрская компания, открывает в Москве вакансию:

Руководитель проектов продажи зарубежной недвижимости


  • Развитие существующих и новых клиентов – частных инвесторов, заинтересованных в приобретении объектов недвижимости в Греции и на Кипре
  • Координация работы Back Office в Москве и работы поддерживающих сотрудников в офисах Афин, Солоников и на Кипре
  • Организация финансового, юридического сопровождения клиента, помощь в организации дальнейшего развития объекта недвижимости.
  • Выполнение плана продаж по финансовым и количественным показателям;
  • Ведение переговоров, заключение договоров, проведение регулярных встреч с клиентами, регулярное общение с клиентами;
  • Контроль за выпуском и получением всей необходимой документации по сделкам;


  • Предметное знание рынка — инвестиции в зарубежную недвижимость
  • Опыт ведения клиента, юридического и финансового сопровождения сделки, дальнейшего развития объекта инвестиций
  • Отличные аналитические и коммуникативные качества
  • Свободное письменное и устное владение английским или греческим языком, способность четко ставить задачи бэк-офису в России, Греции и на Кипре, взаимодействовать эффективно внутри команды.
  • Опыт развития клиентов, навыки ведения переговоров на различных уровнях.
  • Умение самостоятельно принимать решения, высокий уровень самоорганизации и ответственности за принятые решения;
  • Творческий подход к задаче, креативность, умение предлагать нестандартные идеи продвижения продукта;
  • Сильные навыки межличностного общения;
  • Отличное знание пакета MS Windows

Для нас интересны люди, которые:

  • Умеют ценить и уважать мнение окружающих.
  • Ответственно относятся к своей работе и умеют отвечать за взятые обязательства.
  • Умеют работать в команде и помогать другим.
  • Умеют давать и получать обратную связь по работе.
  • Позитивно относятся к жизни и готовы вместе с нами учиться, познавать и побеждать.
  • Умеют ставить цели и их добиваться.

Call center manager/Customer service manager

Norvēģijas uzņēmums, kura galvenā mītne atrodas Oslo, ir franšīzes koncepcija, kas piedāvā plašu ēdienu klāstu, kas tiek piegādāti mājās vai izņem.

Mums ir svarīgi piedāvāt izcilu klientu apkalpošanu saviem klientiem. Ķēdē ir 6 filiāles, kas aptver Oslo. Sandvika uz rietumiem, Lambertster un Kalbakken austrumos. Viņi meklē tādus cilvēkus, kuri var strādāt, lai sniegtu klientam vislabāko servisu un varētu strādāt pilnas slodzes vai nepilnu slodzi. Mūsu klienti no mūsu departamentiem meklē jauku un ērtu ēdienu ēdienu.

Vai tas varētu būt kaut kas jums?


Jūsu uzdevumi sastāv no tālruņa, tērzēšanas un pasta. Jūs strādājat, lai sniegtu izcilu pakalpojumu visiem Norvēģijas klientiem, izmantojot mūsu saziņas portālu. Mēs meklējam jūs, kuri vēlas strādāt ar klientu apkalpošanu. Mēs meklējam jūs, kam patīk sarunāties ar citiem cilvēkiem pa tālruni, tērzēšanu un pastu. Viņi arī vēlas, lai jūs:

• Labas komunikācijas prasmes norvēģu valodā gan orāli, gan mutiski

• Izejošs — patīk tērzēt ar cilvēkiem!

• Interesē uzzināt vairāk par zvanu tehnoloģijām un citiem treniņiem, lai padarītu jūs vēl labāk savā darbā


Klients jums piedāvā

• Laba alga

• Apmaksāta apmācība.

Call center manager/Customer service manager

Vår klient, Norsk selskap med hovedkontor i Oslo er et franchise konsept som tilbyr et bredt spekter av matretter som blir levert hjem eller som take out.

Det er viktig for oss å tilby enestående kundeservice til våre kunder. Kjeden har 6 avdelinger som dekker Oslo. Sandvika i vest, til Lambertseter og Kalbakken i Øst. De leter etter folk som kan jobbe for å gi kunden den beste servicen og som kan jobbe heltid eller deltid. Våre kunder er ute etter en hyggelig og enkel bestilling av mat fra våre avdelinger.

Kan dette være noe for deg?


Dine arbeidsoppgaver vil bestå av telefon, chat og mail. Du vil jobbe mot å gi enestående service til alle norske kunder gjennom vår kommunikasjonsportal. Vi ser etter deg som har lyst til å jobbe med kundeservice. Vi ser etter deg som liker å snakke med andre mennesker over telefon, chat og mail. De ønsker også at du har:

  • Gode kommunikasjonsevner i norsk, både og muntlig

  • Utadvendt — liker å prate med mennesker!

  • Interessert i å lære mer om samtaleteknikk og annen coaching for å gjøre deg enda bedre i din jobb


Kunden tilbyr deg

  • God Lønn

  • Betalt opplæring.

C# developer

Our Client fast growing company, a worldwide known and respected leader in imaging technologies, specialized in automating large-scale document-based processes and document imaging.

Since 2003 the Co develops and maintains the comprehensive document-imaging and document-management toolkit series released under its brand

Now for new formats integrating into existing framework the Company is looking for a Document Format Specialist (DFS) located in Russia.


This position is primarily responsible for SDK development by new digital document formats integration.

Located in Russia this DFS will be reporting directly to the Head Quarter of the Co in France. The DFS’s core duties and responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.


  • Participate in all stages of development life cycle

  • Contribute to product development by integrating into existing product any of the following formats : doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, PSD, EML, DWG, ODG, ODS, ODT, HTML

  • Perform and develop components working with minimal supervision

  • Provide assistance to the Support Team on assigned customer support inquiries/ projects.

  • Plan tasks and provides task estimates for review

  • Demonstrate initiative in product definition or process improvements

The ideal candidate we are seeking will have the following qualifications:

  • 3 plus years of real industry experience in digital document processing software development; or equivalent combination of education and experience.

  • minimum of 2 years of experience in C#

  • fluent English

Менеджер по продажам фотооборудования

Наш клиент, крупнейший японский производитель фотооборудования, принтеров, фотолабораторий и материалов к ним открывает вакансию:

Менеджер по продажам фотооборудования
• Обеспечение продаж фотооборудования Компании (принтеры, мини фотолаборатории, фотокиоски и др.).
• Работа с существующей базой клиентов и ее расширение.
• Планирование развития территории продаж.
• Выполнение плана продаж по финансовым и количественным показателям.
• Ведение переговоров, заключение договоров, проведение регулярных встреч с клиентами, регулярное общение с клиентами.
• Развитие продаж на основе стратегии продаж компании, контроль осуществления продаж (развитие традиционных и «нетрадиционных» каналов продаж).
• Получение и размещение заказов, контроль отгрузок, контроль дебиторской задолженности (прозвон клиентов с целью размещения заказов).
• Оформление всей необходимой документации.
• Управление дебиторской задолженностью.
• Формирование маркетинговых планов и отчетности (статистика и аналитика продаж).

• Высшее образование, бизнес образование – дополнительный плюс.
• Предметное знание рынка фото услуг и фото товаров (желательно – фотооборудование, полиграфия, химия).
• Опыт продажи фотографического и/ или полиграфического оборудования у производителя или дилера (прямые и оптовые продажи) от 3 лет.
• Опыт развития клиентов, навыки ведения переговоров на различных уровнях.
• Понимание механизмов работы логистики.
• Навыки подготовки бизнес-планов и бюджетирования.
• Умение самостоятельно принимать решения, высокий уровень самоорганизации и ответственности за принятые решения.
• Сильные аналитические способности, умение работать с большим объемом информации.
• Сильные навыки межличностного общения.
• Отличное знание пакета MS Windows , знание SAP дополнительное преимущество.
• Беглый английский язык.

Для нас интересны люди, которые:
• Умеют ценить и уважать мнение окружающих.
• Ответственно относятся к своей работе и умеют отвечать за взятые обязательства.
• Умеют работать в команде и помогать другим.
• Умеют давать и получать обратную связь по работе.
• Позитивно относятся к жизни и готовы вместе с нами учиться, познавать и побеждать
• Умеют ставить цели и их добиваться

General Director

Our Client – leading American Co., manufacturer of cables for oil & gas exploration industry. Located in city of Ufa / Bashkortostan this manufacturer has galvanic, mechanical, rubber & plastic lines and currently employs approximately 300 people and owns a factory facility containing 11,150 square meters.

Sales to local Russian customers represent approximately 50% of total sales, with the remaining 50% representing sales of products to the Houston-based parent company. Total sales last years is appx RUR 300 – 200 million per year.


General Director / Russia located in Ufa / Bashkortostan will be in charge of P&L and all local operations.

The idial candidate we are seeking will have the following qualifications:

Past experiences in manufacturing management
Proven skills in leadership and organizational development
Exhibits confidence and professionalism, strong interpersonal skills
Entrepreneurial desire to build and grow a business
Possesses strong ethics and leads others by example
Able to write and speak the English language
Familiar with the oil and gas industry in the Russian Federation
User of modern-day computer technology, and relies on this technology as their primary business tool
Able to motivate and lead teams, including sales/marketing, engineering, manufacturing, accounting/finance and other key organizations within the business.
Past record of building a profitable business
Able to create and implement long-term strategies
Problem solver
Self drived, strong decission maker, flaxible, able to provide right feedback to management team and pears.

Basic Responsibilities: The General Director’s primary day-to-day responsibilities include the following:

Oversee the daily operations of the business.
Negotiating contracts with customers and suppliers, making key business decisions.
Meet with customers to find out what GTE can do to improve its products and image in the marketplace.
Develop a long-term business strategy after understanding the main objectives of Houston management.
Cultivate a team of capable and reliable senior employees to manage the key areas of the business.
Remove redundancies and waste from the operation to make it more efficient, and eliminate any corrupt employees or activities.
Prepare informative monthly reports to Houston senior management which discusses financial results, progress toward predetermined goals, and other information that may be relevant to management in Houston.
Ensure that GTE policies and local laws are followed at all times
Able to resolve problems as they arise
Ensures quality in products and processes through a documented quality management system
Ensures a health, safety, and environment conscious workplace through appropriate audited processes and policies
Responsible for overall financial profitability of the factory

HR Business Partner

Our Client – leading producer of climatic equipment and leading supplier of high-efficiency turnkey climate systems and services for food retail industry.

With presence in more than 20 countries throughout Europe as well as in the Asia and Middle East, the Co. delivers a range of solutions and services to customers in all types of food retail formats thought the region.

The Co. operates in Russia since 2001 including local production since 2013. Has headcount of 65 (both production & office).


HR Business Partner located in Moscow Region, providеs HR partnership for the Management team and supervisor as a fully recognized member of management team.

HR Business Partner understands the business and translates business objectives into HR strategy and action plans. She/he creates plans and drives strategy implementation and coordinates other business related HR activities in the entity. He/She develops HR and people processes and services in changing business situations.

Contributes to the Head Quarter HR initiatives and co-operates with corporate HR functions and HR network in the group.

Directly reporting to MD Russia / dotted line to Northern Europe Regional HR Director, this HR Business Partner is a permanent member of local management team. He/she will be responsible for planning & implementation, development and maintenance of HR services, processes & policies in Russia

Provides consulting to the business management team and all supervisors and drives delivery of HR services in:
Recruitment and resourcing, Employee engagement and inclusion/Diversity, Talent management /Training/ Competence development, Organisation Development as well as employee relations, internal communication.
Compensation & Benefits, Payroll management, HR Information management (Local and the HQ systems) & HR Administration with focus on documentation required by the local Labour Code, Standard HR policies and procedures, Reporting- regular and ad hoc
Acts as a trusted partner and advisor to Management team and Line managers to drive understanding and commitment for the application of People processes to meet operational business needs.
Leads and manages the full scope of HR services in line with business strategy needs/situation.
Contributes and drives Head Quarter HR initiatives in the Russia entity.


Business and corporate level business measures and strategic goals.

Specific HR objectives & actions that directly support strategic business targets or focused HR functional development targets as agreed with Direct Manager Russia MD & local management team or Dotted line functional manager (Regional HR Director)

Subordinates – none.

Decision making:

Impact of decision making is long/midterm in addition to short term. Functional decisions but also participates in entity management level decisions. Accountable for functional goals as well as Russian entity business results – impact through management of Headcount and employment cost.

Recruiting and terminating an employment as well as decisions with any significant financial impact (salary increases, bonus payments etc.) will require approval as per the HQ approval matrix.

Right candidatе meets following objections:


HR Generalist with experience in working for an international corporation. HRM and HRD, (processes and practices), generalist background with good understanding of business acumen.
Experience from leadership team work. Proven leadership skills.

Typically minimum 5 years of experience in HR Manager level position within production or services company.


Very good interpersonal communication skills and networking skills. Managing own time and organizing work as well as handling project management experience and ability to handle several initiatives at the same will help the person be successful in the role.

Good business judgment, ability to influence and lead people/business is important.

Ability to work in a complex environment and to handle stress is vital.

Excellent English, written and spoken is a must as well as Master´s Degree in related field. Any experience on finance is a benefit. Change management experience is preferred.

Self drived, strong decission maker, flaxible, able to provide right feedback to management team and pears.