Europersonnel / Cornerstone Russia is a private boutique business with an entrepreneurial and dynamic spirit — we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver on challenging and complicated assignments, always in a timely manner.

We have a track record of remarkably rapid Short List delivery – typically two to four weeks faster than the industry norm. We have accomplished this through our direct industry experience, our research capabilities and comprehensive resources, our state of-the-art technology, our exceptional candidate relationships and our sense of urgency in responding to your needs.

We have a placement rate of 98% versus the industry norm of 70% and our repeat Client business is almost 20% ahead of industry norms.

The quality of our recruits is unsurpassed – they are people who positively impact your business.

Our services are generally retained on a fixed fee basis, rather than a percentage of total compensation. Our work is performed on a retainer basis to avoid any conflict of interest and to ensure the highest degree of service, independence and objectivity. As a result, the best candidates and most appropriate compensation packages are recommended.

Europersonnel has in place privacy and security practices to safeguard our candidates’ personal information as well as any confidential corporate information our clients provide.