General Director

Our Client – leading American Co., manufacturer of cables for oil & gas exploration industry. Located in city of Ufa / Bashkortostan this manufacturer has galvanic, mechanical, rubber & plastic lines and currently employs approximately 300 people and owns a factory facility containing 11,150 square meters.

Sales to local Russian customers represent approximately 50% of total sales, with the remaining 50% representing sales of products to the Houston-based parent company. Total sales last years is appx RUR 300 – 200 million per year.


General Director / Russia located in Ufa / Bashkortostan will be in charge of P&L and all local operations.

The idial candidate we are seeking will have the following qualifications:

Past experiences in manufacturing management
Proven skills in leadership and organizational development
Exhibits confidence and professionalism, strong interpersonal skills
Entrepreneurial desire to build and grow a business
Possesses strong ethics and leads others by example
Able to write and speak the English language
Familiar with the oil and gas industry in the Russian Federation
User of modern-day computer technology, and relies on this technology as their primary business tool
Able to motivate and lead teams, including sales/marketing, engineering, manufacturing, accounting/finance and other key organizations within the business.
Past record of building a profitable business
Able to create and implement long-term strategies
Problem solver
Self drived, strong decission maker, flaxible, able to provide right feedback to management team and pears.

Basic Responsibilities: The General Director’s primary day-to-day responsibilities include the following:

Oversee the daily operations of the business.
Negotiating contracts with customers and suppliers, making key business decisions.
Meet with customers to find out what GTE can do to improve its products and image in the marketplace.
Develop a long-term business strategy after understanding the main objectives of Houston management.
Cultivate a team of capable and reliable senior employees to manage the key areas of the business.
Remove redundancies and waste from the operation to make it more efficient, and eliminate any corrupt employees or activities.
Prepare informative monthly reports to Houston senior management which discusses financial results, progress toward predetermined goals, and other information that may be relevant to management in Houston.
Ensure that GTE policies and local laws are followed at all times
Able to resolve problems as they arise
Ensures quality in products and processes through a documented quality management system
Ensures a health, safety, and environment conscious workplace through appropriate audited processes and policies
Responsible for overall financial profitability of the factory